Young And Restless 7-22-16 Episode recap july 22 Y&R 7/22 Victoria, Abby,Nick,Nikki for Victor

Y&R Day Ahead Recap for Friday July 22, 2016: Sharon advises Abby, Stitch opens up to Dylan, and Chelsea visits Adam in prison. At the Club, Nikki, Nick, and Victoria press Phyllis to help out with Victor’s appeal. .... Jack appears. Phyllis expects him to side with her. The Newmans leave... In prison, Adam tells Victor he can’t count on him. In bed at home, Abby opens up to Stitch about her feelings before ......out of the darkness after losing Connor. At the courthouse, Nikki, Nick, and Victoria arrive to find Chelsea waiting to testify against Victor. ..Phyllis bursts in with Jack on her heels. She most definitely has something to say! An emotional Chelsea visits Adam at Walworth... Sharon and Dylan discuss the pain of losing a child at home. At home, Stitch looks at unopened baby gifts and flashes to when ... Chelsea asks Adam, “How long can you survive this.... Jill tells Billy, “I will not be running Brash & Sassy with Cane... The judge in Victor’s appeal ....behind bars..