Degrassi Junior High 202 - A Helping Hand | HD | Full Episode

Feeling alone and vulnerable because her parents are always working, Lucy is pleased when a substitute teacher takes a special interest in her. However, she soon discovers that his desires go beyond simply wanting to help her. The second season of Degrassi Junior High premiered on January 4, 1988 with another 13 episodes. It takes place after the students' return from spring break and continues some of the issues that the students were facing last term. Light, funny and poignant, DEGRASSI JUNIOR HIGH is a series with strong family appeal. Set in an inner-city neighbourhood on its way up, the series is a street-wise look at what really goes on in the kid-adult world of junior high school. With entertaining and provocative stories, DEGRASSI JUNIOR HIGH is designed to help kids feel good about themselves and make more informed choices..