Time-Lapse Space Shuttle Build with a Surprise (LEGO 1682)

Welcome to all my new subscribers! I usually do one big project a month-ish and a few other RC related videos sprinkled in. My other hobbies include Lego, Nerf, and Star Wars stuff. Comment if you'd like to see more of that content on the channel. This was a fun little build. I put together two of the shuttle frames, one is still in the progress of converting to fly like a plane, also midway through building one the size of the Lego plane. The frames are all 1mm foam, and weigh about 2.5grams. I made all the studs with a hole punch this time. As with all my builds, this is strictly for fun. I do not intend to sell any sort of kit based on this project, although I will be glad to answer questions about the build, and help anyone who is interested create their own. Do not upload my content as your own, and please provide proper attribution if you are sharing it..