Batman v Superman: What Went Wrong? – Wisecrack Edition

Start building your website with Squarespace! Use the Offer Code: WISECRACK for 10% off your first purchase! Join Wisecrack! Subscribe! What Went Wrong? Welcome to this Wisecrack Edition on Batman v Superman: What Went Wrong? It’s no secret that BvS has drawn widespread ire for its issues with plot and tone. So, in an effort not to dwell on the same issues, we decided to focus on another problem plaguing the film: its ideological failings. Many of the film’s cues are taken straight from Frank Miller’s graphic novel The Dark Knight Returns – a work that paints a very clear philosophical divide between Batman and Superman. But it's in replicating this dynamic that BvS starts to flounder. By exploring some of Miller’s key inspirations, we’ll unveil how the philosophical backbone of The Dark Knight Returns was adapted to Batman v Superman – with lackluster results. Support Wisecrack on Patreon! === Get the Movie! === More Episodes! How RICK AND MORTY Tells A Story! IT'S ALWAYS SUNNY: The Perfect Anti-Sitcom? === Join us on Social Media! Get Wisecrack Gear! © 2017 Wisecrack, Inc..