OOTD Jimi Hendrix and Cheetah Print

Sorry I'm late my other computer died. Had to get another one today and new software. Hectic day. The computer just died last night. Of course I didn't back up all my pre-done videos. I then had to wait until after midnight to get the sales posted on all the stores that sell computers. Found one I liked, but only one in stock in the next town so I paid for it at 3 am and had to wait until one hour after the store opened to pick it up. Of course my editing software went down with my computer. The new one had an update version of one I used years ago, but I had to relearn it to get something posted today. I hope I can remember how I did it tomorrow. Thank you for your patience. On top of everything it is 107 out. I think I will just rip off my clothes and jump in the pool. No peaking..

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