Galactic Star Cruiser White Noise | Hack Sleeping or Studying with Powerful Sound | 10 Hours

Check out our latest rain video! Alright, I juiced up the hyper drive and set the autopilot for the Andromeda Galaxy. I hear the deep sea diving on the local planets rivals that of the oceans of Europa. Afterwards, I'll be taking a jet pack tour of the galaxy's fashionable black holes. I hope it's better than that Segway tour. . . Then it's off to the zero-g lava baths of Citreona 5. This is gonna be epic. The deep spaceship audio is designed to help you calm your mind so you can study better, maintain focus at work, power nap or sleep all night long. It's like having a sci-fi white noise machine. The audio creates a perfect environment for silencing the outside world and calming your mind. Often times our sleeping, studying or working situation isn't ideal, with loud noises distracting us. This powerful white noise helps block distracting sounds coming from family members, pets, appliances, loud neighbors, traffic, city noises, music, co-workers and many other sources. Whether you're in an apartment, house, dorm room, library, office or cubicle, this online white noise generator will make your environment more soothing. Some people may also find the white noise useful to temporarily relieve symptoms of tinnitus, or ringing in the ears. Whether sleeping, studying, reading, working or writing, use this sound to be at your best! Also, this is our 2nd 10-hour animation. Would you like to see more 3D animations? Let us know in the comments! Now, I just hope this spaceship gets good mileage. . . © Relaxing White Noise LLC, 2016. All rights reserved. Any reproduction or republication of all or part of this video/audio is prohibited. The ship design is from an open source spaceship 3D model created by Herminio Nieves. All other elements are copyright Relaxing White Noise..